Replacing the Affordable Care Act


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The Affordable Care Act was put into place by President Obama to help insure millions of American’s by expanding Medicaid to cover more low-income Americans. The Affordable Care Act also made it so that insurance companies could not refuse people because of pre-existing conditions and made birth control free, along with many other preventative services.

The current pressing issue around the ACA is that the Republican majority congress has stated that they will repeal and replace the ACA. Until earlier this week, congress had not presented an option for replacement of the ACA. Many stakeholders are against the repeal of the ACA without a replacement that they deem to be reasonable, which means the new proposal will be under much scrutiny.

There are already many negative reactions to the proposed replacement, not only from those against repealing, but also some that are for it. Many House and Senate Republicans, who support repealing the ACA, have stated that the replacement would negatively effect the Medicaid expansion put into place by the ACA and will hurt many of their states citizens. While others, who are more conservative, feel that the replacement is simply “ObamaCare-lite” and is not a good enough solution to the problems they see in the ACA.

While Republicans are torn about the proposed replacement, House and Senate Democrats are presenting a firm stance against repealing and replacing the ACA. This split in support will make it very difficult for the suggested replacement, as it stands, to be passed through Congress. If the Republican majority wants to replace the ACA, they will have to find a more agreeable suggestion with which to do so.


One Response to “Replacing the Affordable Care Act”

  1. mujanvk Says:

    Thank you, Mary for your very informative blog posting. The proposed replacement for Obamacare which is called The American Health Care Act (AHCA) not only is not a better replacement for the current plan, it poses tremendous harm to people who need health coverage the most. The proposed plan could leave lower-income people uninsured, older people might end up paying higher premiums, and sick could face higher deductibles and not being covered by insurance companies for certain treatments. Young and healthy individuals on the other hand could find lower premiums, and people who have higher income could get tax cuts. ( For me the most absurd point Sean Spicer, the White House Press Secretary, brought up at the press conference about the benefit of the new proposed plan was arguing over the size of how big the ACA is over AHCA, and I think that this is a very weak point to argue that one plan is better than the other ( I really hope that this plan goes through multiple revisions before being reviewed and signed by the president because health care coverage is one of the most essential things in people’s quality of life. Again, thank you very much for the great posting.

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