Eradication of Meningitis through the combination of MenAfriVac, Controlled Temperature Chain (CTC) and Vaccine Vial Monitors (VVM) in Chad


Over the last century, meningitis has swept across sub-Saharan Africa killing one in ten infected, and leaving one-quarter of survivors severely debilitated. In December of 2011, young individuals across Burkina Faso, Mali, Chad and Niger became the first to receive the MenAfriVac® vaccine, which was developed specifically to protect from meningococcal A meningitis.


Meningitis Belt

The cases of meningitis declined dramatically in vaccinated areas of Chad, but the incidence rate is still 2.8/100,000. The Chad Ministry of Health is expected to find avenues to further decrease the incidence of meningitis and prevent meningococci belonging to serogroups C, W, or X causing a rejuvenation of the meningococcal epidemic. To continue the success of the meningitis vaccination program, controlled temperature chain (CTC) and vaccine vial monitoring (VVM) must continue throughout Chad, especially in rural regions that have not received complete coverage of the vaccine.

It is imperative to gain continued support from PATH, GAVI, WHO and the Gates Foundation to eradicate meningitis in Chad. Without eradication of meningitis, there is a chance meningococcal rejuvenation, which may dismantle the effort already made to eradicate the disease. There is also long-term benefits of establishing and maintaining CTC and VVM. CTC will not only allow for more individuals in Chad to receive the vaccine, but maintaining such a system will allow for other medicines that require controlled temperatures to be available to the population.


Vaccine Vial Monitors 

Likewise, using VVM technology allows for a controlled monitoring system that can be used for other vaccines, and does not limit vaccination manufacturers as to where they can be administered. Efforts by the Vaccine Awareness Network has attempted to use media sources and protests to diminish the effectiveness of the vaccine, but with a joint effort by governmental and non-governmental organizations, eradication of meningitis in Chad can become a reality.PATH_Gabe-Bienczycki_Oceane-2


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