Cannabis Legalization: Why the time is right


Maryland Money, Food, and Safety. Marijuana Legalization for the Good of All


In Maryland individuals can be incarcerated for the possession of  10 grams of marijuana or more. The costs of keeping these offenders incarcerated and the long-term consequences on their lives does not fit the crime.

In comparison, Alcohol has the potential to do much more harm on both the body and society. It impacts your behaviour, spatial awareness and can significantly impair your ability to react. We aren’t proposing a ban on alcohol, we are arguing that Marijuana is a safe alternate and that it should be decriminalized.

There are many benefits to legalize marijuana; the most obvious include increased tax revenue and job creation . In addition, there may be a decrease in marijuana related arrests which can save the justice system millions of dollars. Finally, Colorado has seen a decrease in both violent crimes and traffic fatalities after 1 year of legalizing recreational use. Maryland can except similar benefits from decriminalization and eventual legalization, both medical and recreational.  

Parents, law enforcement officers and other citizens may be concerned about the psychological or physiological effects of marijuana. As well, they may be concerned that legalizing the drug may increase access to young people or increase crime in their neighbourhoods. Those concerns have been disproven. Studies have shown that the potential effect of marijuana are significantly less harmful than those of alcohol or cigarettes. In fact, avid marijuana smokers can be fully functional.

While, there is some concern around the level of potency that should be legal and rules around preventing accidental ingestion, legalization of marijuana will mostly have positive impacts.  Citizens, restaurant owners, and society as a whole would see great gains as incarceration rates go down due to legalization of and public funding goes up due to taxes on marijuana, and as take-out orders increase due to the munchies.



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