Legalizing abortion in Argentina


aborto legal

Maternal mortality in Argentina remains stagnant at high levels since 1990, and its main cause remains the same; complications due to unsafe abortions. In Argentina, abortion is illegal, but since 2012 it can be performed in case of rape or threat to the women’s life. Given the illegality of abortion, real numbers cannot be found, but a study conducted in 2007 showed that there were around 500,000 abortions per year, that’s around 60 abortions per 1,000 women. 

Because of the illegality of abortion, women seekinMapa_Leyes-de-Aborto-en-el-Mundo_-2011_1g to perform an abortion must resort to clandestine clinics, which are generally managed by untrained personnel in unsafe conditions. Around 80,000 women are hospitalized per year due to post-abortion complications, complications which could have been prevented. In addition, women are afraid to consult at a hospital when complications occur because of the risk of being reported to the authorities and the social stigma.

Argentina’s current policy argues that abortion is a “crime against life”. Isn’t it a crime against life having high levels of maternal mortality for over a decade? Women will keep dying until our society recognizes the value of a women’s life.

There is a group in Argentina fighting for this rights. Since 2007 they present every two years this policy to guarantee legal, safe and free abortion for every women. The last time it was presented was April 9th 2014. Hope you join us make a difference.


2 Responses to “Legalizing abortion in Argentina”

  1. asalehsbfphc Says:

    Interesting topic! Would love to know what the policy is about, unfortunately it’s in Portuguese (I guess). Have they used evidence from neighbouring countries to show how would legalising abortion lead to better health outcomes for women?
    Curious to know what kind of international NGOs have a presence in Argentina and what kind of work are they doing around abortion. I think such organisations usually have strong roles in dealing with such sensitive issues.

  2. aarontustin2 Says:

    Thanks for writing about this issue. There are many problems with women’s rights in South America. I’m most familiar with Peru, where I have spent a significant amount of time. I believe abortions in Peru are legal only in cases where the pregnancy endangers the woman’s life. Sterilization has also caused a lot of controversy. There are reports that hundreds (or thousands) of underprivileged Peruvian women were forcibly sterilized in the past few decades. On the other hand, doctors sometimes refuse to perform voluntary tubal ligations on women whose husbands do not consent to the procedure. Much work needs to be done to ensure reproductive rights for all women in South America.

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