Ban tobacco product placement in Maryland


Despite decades of efforts to regulate and control it, tobacco consumption continues to kill more than five million people per year and is the single most preventable cause of death and chronic disease. It is a main cause of lung malignancy and chronic obstructive lung disease. Even after the difficult process of quitting smoking, conditions such as chronic lung disease can continue to remain, a concerning issue as nearly 70% of ever-smokers started smoking regularly by age 18.

The state of Maryland has a smoking prevalence of 16.2%, slightly below the national average of 19.6%. What is the impact of this?

Furthermore, nearly one-third of current smokers started smoking before Grade 12.

Tobacco consumption continues to be a problem in Maryland despite various legislation activities such as tobacco excise taxes, banning tobacco sales to minors and de-normalization of tobacco consumption through indoor smoking restrictions.

One strategy that has yet to be pursued is to ban point-of-purchase tobacco product placement in Maryland. Hiding tobacco products from the view at the cashier has been shown to decrease awareness of tobacco products among youth and avoid undermining quit attempts among current smokers.

How many

New York Tobacco Control Program

New York Tobacco Control Program

To learn more about banning point-of-purchase tobacco product placement and get involved, visit, Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights and


3 Responses to “Ban tobacco product placement in Maryland”

  1. colleavitt Says:

    The FDA has moved to regulate e-cigarette in a way similar to tobacco. There is concern that they are introducing youth to tobacco products at an earlier age. This action would include cigars, pipe and waterpipe tobacco. These makers of these novel products would have to adhere to age and ID requirements, document health warnings and can not advertise reduced risk of using the product without FDA approval. Are these local agencies also involved in increasing the regulations of e-cigarette products?

  2. nkhorra21 Says:

    I like how the psychology of placement of tobacco products is being considered here. I never thought about it, but the placement of products directly behind a purchase counter inside a gas station does seem like it could carry an effect. Unfortunately, many “unhealthy” products like candies are also placed near the checkout counters in many shopping locations. Perhaps one day someone will fight against the placement of tobacco and sugar products at the counter. Thank you for your post.

  3. lubnarefai Says:

    I agree with you that preventing the purchasing of cigarettes at the point of sale is important. Similarly, the growing use of e-cigarettes among youth is becoming a large scale program. Though they do not contain tobacco like normal cigarettes, they still contain nicotine, an addictive agent, and the full ramifications of its use are not completely understood currently. US lawmakers have currently been trying to pressure the FDA to have stricter restrictions on the marketing, advertising and flavoring of e-cigarette products aimed towards children and young adults. I agree that one way to stop this would be through keep these products and its advertisements out of reach and out of sight of children.

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