Lets bring them Home-Indian stray dogs


stray dog-puppies photo:Stray puppies -Krister 2013

“Over the past 23 years, on average 1000 people each year die from rabies in India (which is far less then AIDS and TB).The majority of people who die of rabies are people of poor – low income socioeconomic status. In any society, when there is people poverty there is animal poverty and with both an excess of illness. Hence the both social and health importance of paying attention to the stray dog population” Canadian medical Association Journal Feb 2009,The stray dog blog

Gurgaon city,India has many dogs of different ages living on the streets, these vary from puppies born there or older dogs left by their owners who did not want to pay for their medical treatment or take care of them. There are sick dogs with maggot wounds, injured dogs and lost dogs. Once in a few months a van comes and tries to capture the dogs with metal loops and nets, leaving them aggressive, scared, and injured.

My group in collaboration with PETA has come up with solutions to this problem, we aim to provide them food and water twice a day and then capture these animals but not by force so they can be neutered and vaccinated, treated if required and kept in animal shelters for adoption. We will organize fundraising events where money will be raised to sustain animal shelters, promote adoption and interaction with these smart creatures. We aim to educate the society about Indian dogs, about Rabies and how it is transmitted and its prevention,civic sense and how to keep the environment clean, to love your pets selflessly. We will work with the government to strengthen laws and policies against animal cruelty

Stray dogs caught by unauthorised men

Stray dogs caught by unauthorised men

Deccan Chronicle 2013

animal cruelty

Animal cruelty

First post 2009

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