Increase Funding For Embattled Sacramento Child Protective Services


Sacramento County Child Protective Services (CPS) has come under increased scrutiny in the past 5 years.  This was primarily due to Sacramento County having the 2nd highest per capita rate of preventable child abuse related morbidity and mortality in regions with over 1 million residents California.  During this same time period County Health and Human Services was forced to cut 20% from the CPS budget, and laid off more than 1/3 of clinical investigation staff.  This was despite a 12% increase in cases, and a longer lag time to investigate court mandated reports.

Its never their fault.

The recent deaths of 3 year old Airabella Mello, and 2 year old William Philyaw, both with open cases, underscored the need to affect change in CPS.  Current proposals include increasing funding to pre-2009 levels, hiring an additional 28 Clinical Social Workers, and 18 Investigators, and construction of a 15 bed receiving home.  In order to address public concerns regarding mismanagement and improper procedural investigations County Supervisors with direction from State Health and Human Services has recommended the creation of a Child Protective Systems Oversight Committee (CPSOC), an independent body of child-welfare and law-enforcement professionals.  Tasked with monitoring case work, investigations, and procedural enforcement CPSOC can effect greater control over CPS while decreasing preventable deaths.  Supporting County upcoming proposed budgetary increases in funding to CPS will improve response time, protect children from abuse and neglect, and reduce preventable deaths in Sacramento.  Call your County Supervisor and have them vote yes on increasing funding for Sac CPS.





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