Minnesotan’s, if your newborn could speak, would he say “yes” to Medicaid coverage of circumcision?



We think so. And here’s why..

In August 2012 the American Academy of Pediatrics released a revised statement on neonatal circumcision: “the health benefits of newborn male circumcision outweigh the risks and that the procedure’s benefits justify access to this procedure for families who choose it[i].”  This change was prompted by three randomized control trials in Africa which showed circumcision provided a 60% protection against the heterosexual transmission of HIV[ii].  These same studies showed a lower risk of acquiring Herpes and HPV which causes cervical cancer, throat cancer and genital warts[ii].  Studies in the U.S. have shown similar effects of circumcision suggesting that the trials in Africa are in fact applicable to the U.S.[iv]. A recent study from Johns Hopkins showed that the numerous consequences of not getting circumcised add an additional $407 for each male and $43 for each female[v].

Studies show that male circumcision drastically decreases the heterosexual transmission of HIV, other STI’s and their associated complications such as cancer and neonatal UTIs.  Giving the AAP’s stance on the health benefits outweighing the risks and the cost effectiveness data from Johns Hopkins, Minnesota Policy makers and DHHS need to re-establish funding to Medicaid for neonatal male circumcision.  Continuing the status quo will cost the state millions of dollars down the road due not only to HIV but cancer and other complications of STI’s.  The answer is clear we must re-fund Minnesota Medicaid for neonatal circumcision.

Circumcision Facts

•60% reduction HIV transmission
•Reduces transmission of other STI’s and their complications
•Reduced UTI’s
•When covered by insurance people are  twice as likely to have procedure done [vi]
•42% of MN births covered by Medicaid [vii]





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One Response to “Minnesotan’s, if your newborn could speak, would he say “yes” to Medicaid coverage of circumcision?”

  1. dmd4b8 Says:

    Thank you for the excellent and informative post. In light of recent questioning of the practice of circumcision in Germany


    I am glad to see a logical, scientifically backed post on the subject. I was not aware that medicaid did not cover circumcision in MN. Does the coverage change by state, or is circumcision not covered by medicaid in any state? You also noted that Medicaid covers 42% of new births in MN. This seems like a large percentage. Is it on par with the rest of the US?

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