Improving Newborn Nutrition 1,000 Days at a Time


(Accessed 9 March 2013.

All babies deserve healthy start. Increasingly, the public health sector is taking notice to the often-overlooked newborn. For years, programs independently targeted maternal and child health letting infants fall through the programming cracks. Undernutrition is the cause of death for 3.5 million young children every year with most of these entirely preventable.  According to The Lancets five-part series on nutrition, “nutrition is a desperately neglected aspect of maternal, newborn, and child health. The reasons for this neglect are understandable but not justifiable.”

(Accessed 9 March 2013.

Over the last four years, U.S. leadership in the global movement to scale up nutrition has led to increased investments in U.S. health, food security, and nutrition programs. Secretary of State Clinton has been a powerful voice for women and newborn nutrition by launching the “1,000 Days Call to Action.” The “1,000 Day Window” is from conception to age two, during whichthe cognitive and physical damage caused by undernutrition is particularly severe and often irreversible”. As a result, the 1,000 Days partnership advocates that early nutrition experiences do have significant impact on newborn mortality. The intervention strategy recommended includes access to proper vitamins for pregnant women, immediate and exclusive breastfeeding, as well the use of therapeutic foods in cases of severe malnutrition. All of which are available and cost-effective approaches.

This life saving initiative is set to expire in June 2013. A renewed commitment behind this partnership on behalf of the US Government is necessary to reaching the Millennium Development Goals of eradicating poverty and hunger, reducing child mortality rates, and improving maternal health. Click Here to tell the Secretary of State, John Kerry to support and renew the 1,000 Days Call to Action!


One Response to “Improving Newborn Nutrition 1,000 Days at a Time”

  1. mvirkbak Says:

    Thank you for sharing such an important issue; it is devastating to see that more than one third of the deaths in children are due to maternal and child undernutrition. Despite of all the evidence that proper nutrition early in life is important for reducing childhood mortality, only few governments are working towards reducing malnutrition. The 1000 days is playing an important advocacy role to provide information, engaging new stakeholders and initiating collaboration and partnership across different sectors. I agree with you completely, that the renewal is very important to continue the fight against such unfortunate and avoidable deaths across the globe. Thank you for providing the link for renewal petition, I just signed it, and I hope many of our classmates will do the same.
    The 1000 days seems to be very active in various parts of Africa, do you know what other countries they are currently involved in? Also, just wondering would there be any reason to suspect that such a great program might not be renewed?

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