Stop the Diabetes Epidemic-Start with our Kids


Diabetes is a chronic disease, which occurs when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin, or when the body cannot effectively use the insulin it produces. This leads to an increased concentration of glucose in the blood which can lead to chronic issues that may result in blindness or amputation. The DDESS school district in the Territory of Guam is dedicated to reducing the incidence of diabetes in Guam.

According to statistics from the Guam Diabetes Association, there are over 40,000 diabetics on the island, that’s nearly 25% of the total population. Many islanders are on dialysis, with 112 dialysis chairs running 3-4 hour shifts seven days a week. In addition, childhood obesity is on the rise and without appropriate intervention, children could be diagnosed by age 10 and begin to have visual problems in their early 20’s. Something has to be done and we need to start with our kids.

GuamDiabetes.Org is committed to reducing the Diabetes incidence on the island of Guam. They have created a policy of removing sugary drinks and unhealthy snacks from the school grounds and replacing these with foods conducive to a healthy lifestyle. In addition, they plan to reintroduce exercise classes. These policies are in line with a district Health and Wellness Policy and are a first step that starts with our kids  to stop the Diabetes epidemic on the island of Guam.

Please donate to GuamDiabetes.Org and request funds be used for the DDESS school district Diabetes reduction program.


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3 Responses to “Stop the Diabetes Epidemic-Start with our Kids”

  1. rdsampson Says:

    Great idea! It is good to see that a nationwide surge to intervene in prevention of diabetes in children is gaining ground. It is difficult to determine if one school district wellness policy will have enough support to cause effective behavioral changes. Probably one of the most effective interventions is to modify foods available during school hours, as this policy highlights. That along with health education and exercise (a part of the DDESS policy) will aid in success. America also needs to take active measures and develop policy to curb the rising numbers of diabetics. It is good to see that CDC is funding a SEARCH FOR DIABETES IN YOUTH study. Another encouragement this week is Michelle Obama hosting children to a healthy meal at the White House. Hopefully this will have a cascade effect as those kids go home and tell their friends about the yummy health lunch they had with her. Small steps.

  2. socheema Says:

    Diabetes is now a worldwide problem, not only within developed countries but also within developing countries. Qatar a high income, gas and oil rich Gulf nation is no different and is grappling with the high prevalence of diabetes among the local citizens predominantly affecting more women than men. Qatar presently has the fifth highest prevalence of diabetes in the world and every fifth dollar in healthcare is being spent on diabetes. Some of the risk factors leading to diabetes within Qatar are obesity, physical inactivity, and increased intake of energy rich, high-density foods low in caloric value. The number of overweight and obese adolescents is continuously on the rise within Qatar also and this will in turn increase the burden of diabetes and other obesity-related illnesses in the future. A holistic approach towards healthier lifestyles has to be adopted. The government recognizes that implications of diabetes are enormous. Multidisciplinary approach has been adapted within the hospitals inclusive of teams of physicians, nurses, nutritionists, pharmacists, social workers and fitness instructors to result in improved outcomes for diabetes patients and also to educate the community to prevent or delay the onset of diabetes in at risk communities. The government should focus on programs, which have shown favorable outcomes in other nations and should put into action initiatives and best practices to control this growing epidemic within the country.

  3. diabetes first Says:

    diabetes first

    Stop the Diabetes Epidemic-Start with our Kids | SBFPHC Policy Advocacy

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