Dengue manace is an annual feature in Delhi, is it preventable?


Dengue National Data

Dengue fever is an annual event in Delhi, is it preventable? Dengue epidemic is a second most vector borne epidemic in the world after malaria affecting even developed countries. Delhi is the capital of India with highest population and center of rapid urbanization, immigration, industrialization in recent years. This small state is overflown with immigrant population from across the country due to employment opportunity. The fixed civic infrastructure cannot handle the huge burden of population.
Dengue is a mosquito borne viral epidemic with seasonal and climatic preference like warm humid atmosphare.The female ades mosquito carrying virus breed in clean water collected in various household containers and harvesting rain water. In Delhi the overcrowded population with short water supply tends to store water in overhead roof tank or underground tank which is an ideal breeding place of mosquito apart from post monsoon water

collection in new construction sites or industrial areas. These environmental factors responsible for frequent outbreak with a rapid spread in an overcrowded city. The mortality and morbidity is much more than reported by government agencies due to poor reporting and data collection system. Delhi has highest number in terms of death and cases as reported by NVBDCP ( and WHO. Dengue is a social, political and health problem. The poor civic infrastructure like sanitation, water, housing, irrigation, drainage, roads all favors vector breeding and disease. In spite of an effective guidelines and norms by local and national health department the civic organization like MCD, DDA,NDMC,DJB AND Delhi Govt could not stop the mosquito breeding in post moon soon season. The illegal construction and industries in residential areas made this city overcrowded and unlivable, even the government organization like DDA, MCD or NDMC does not take action resulting an ideal environment for mosquito breeding. A study conducted in AIIMS by J P Walia, A Biswas (PubMed) has shown the mortality due to dengue is almost 11% .Every year thousands of people get affected by dengue and hospitals, nursing homes, blood banks get overcrowded and set a panic reaction in the society. The civic organization is responsible for this epidemic every year due to their inaction allowing an ideal ambience for mosquitos. They fail to enforce the all norms and policies required to keep the environment clean. More public awareness about dengue is a paramount importance which is not seen in Delhi. Dengue in Delhi is an ideal example how a civic society fails to implement its polices and allows  an epidemic every year.
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2 Responses to “Dengue manace is an annual feature in Delhi, is it preventable?”

  1. sbfphc Says:

    As we’ve discussed, Dengue is clearly an urban disease with breeding sites created by humans. Much of what I read in the Indian press seems to confuse the different mosquitoes, their breeding sites and the diseases they carry. Wide open rain collection sites are unlikely to harbor aedes, who are a bit more secretive as it were. Rain does collect in discarded containers in garbage dumps, and such are favored by aedes. No mosquito is ‘friendly’ but in dengue control we can focus on getting people to control the small breeding sites that they have made in their own homes.

  2. jibendu66 Says:

    The breeding site of Ades mosquito seen in clear water collected in human made sites in post mmon sson season or even without rain as we see in Rajasthan (desert) in coolected drinking water tank. The problem with Delhi is more population and so more breeding sites and subsequent rapid spread. In 2010 we have seen record number of death due.People education about Dengue is very important but the vector control is also a major concern. The overcrowding, illegal construction to accomodate immigrant, poor infrastructure like road, sanitation, housing , water all contribute the breeding of mosquitos. To control dengue we need the civic organization to take lead, otherwise it will cause human sufferings every year.

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