H.R.217: Defunding the Title X Family Planning Program


The Title X program is the only source of contraceptive and preventive health care for millions of uninsured and low-income American families, yet proponents of the Title X provider prohibition Act (H.R. 217) seek to defund the program in their bid to get at the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA). While the law explicitly prohibits the use of Title X funds by its grantees to fund abortion services, sponsors of the bill argue that giving the PPFA title X funds for other reproductive health services, frees up money it gets from other sources for its abortion activities. PPFA on the other hand has stated that, the loss of the Title X funds will result in the closure of about 63% of its clinics, ending the invaluable service it provides to millions of American families.

Analysis showed that, of the women served by the program; 33 percent received care at PPFA health centers, where services included comprehensive family planning services, breast and pelvic examinations, breast and cervical cancer screening, treatment and referral of sexually transmitted diseases, as well as pregnancy diagnosis and counseling.
The Title X family planning program promotes positive birth outcomes and healthy families. Passing H.R 217 might not reduce the rate of abortions, what is certain is its adverse effect on those who depend on these clinics for their only source of contraceptive and preventive health care. Congress should therefore vote ‘NO’ to H.R 217, in support of the beneficiaries of the program.

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2 Responses to “H.R.217: Defunding the Title X Family Planning Program”

  1. hfoley518 Says:

    Just wanted to post this as well for folks looking to find out more about Title X:

    “The Numbers Tell the Story: The Reach and Impact of Title X” by Susan A. Cohen:


    | Guttmacher Policy Review | Volume 14, Number 2 | Spring 2011 |

  2. twadhwan Says:

    This is a very informative post about the Title X program. This program seems to be beneficial to low income families as it provides birth control and preventive services to them. A lot of the opposition I think is from the confusion of birth control is sometimes actual abortion, which lots of these government programs do not at all fund. Planned Parenthood’s role in preventive women’s health is overshadowed by their offering of abortion services. However, they also provide family planning counseling, screening for STD’s/HIV and other disease. Therefore, I also believe that promoting women’s health starts with proper family planning, and good preventive and screening medicine.

    (Teresa Wadhwani)

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