Preventing Cervical Cancer in Islamic Countries


In the SBFPHC Policy Advocacy, an essay discusses cervical cancer in Islamic countries.  The article states that cancer is the 3rd leading cause of death in the UAE, and the WHO recommends the HPV vaccination as effective primary prevention.  The article goes on to say that that recent concerns have been raised about the vaccine, as well as the potential for encouraging sexual activity.  The article concludes by saying it is time to re-confirm the policy to administer HPV as an essential primary prevention of cervical cancer.  As health care advocates, we believe that not to continue the use of HPV would be detrimental to women’s health, and manifest itself in negative consequences for years to come.  We encourage women’s groups to speak out on this alarm.   The voice of women appears to be in danger of being stifled in this renewed debate.  While understanding that there are religios issues involved in any conservative religios state, the health of women is vital to the sustainability of a functioning society.  We are heartened by the stand here , and believe that a rollbacl in HPV administration would be a setback for female health, and a setback for the overall society in the UAE.  We urge a acknowledgement of religious beliefs and the understanding that this vaccine will help its society prosper and be viable .  Local customs should be heeded, but health care prevention not discontinued.

Bill Hannan , Christine Fernandez


One Response to “Preventing Cervical Cancer in Islamic Countries”

  1. eshouldice Says:

    I think the bottom line here is viewing HPV as a consequence of adulthood and a risk factor for cancer, rather than a sexually transmitted disease.

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