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Health Policies in a New Year

July 11, 2010

July 2010 marks the start of a new year for our Social and Behavioral Foundations class. We are leaving last year’s blog entries on the website to give people ideas about how previous class members have taken up the blog assignment.
Obviously since a year has passed there are new health systems and policy issues to confront us.
1. Funding Disease Control Programs: recent economic pressures have cast doubt on the ability of donor countries to maintain commitments to the Global Fund and bilateral programs like PEPFAR
2. Maternal and Child Health: Several key donors have voiced interest in taking a broader maternal and child health view of development assistance and research as a departure from more vertical disease control efforts – included is the Gates Foundation, the G8 and the US through its Global Health Initiative
3. Neglected Tropical Diseases: At the same time the big three diseases see the potential for fund reduction, proponents of controlling neglected tropical diseases have become more vocal.
4. Universal Coverage of Malaria Interventions: 2010 marks the target date set in 2000 for achieving 80% coverage/use of major malaria control commodities, but can this happen given present constraints in political will and health systems?
5. BP Oil Gusher in the Gulf of Mexico: Many environmental chickens have come home to roost this year as oil continues to gush from BP’s destroyed well. How should this inform environmental and climate policy?
6. Earthquake Unreadiness: The gigantic earthquake in Haiti showed how unprepared not only the Haitian government was for such tragedy, but also the international community. This has been followed by more quakes, for example in Chile. What are the implications for international and domestic policies for disaster response and re-development afterward?