Health Care Reform must move forward


The Center for Budget and Policy Priorities declared that “The Number of Uninsured Americans is at an All-Time High” when it hit 15.9%.  And that report was released in 2006, before the current economic regression and when the USA unemployment rate hovered around 6% and not the 9.7% recorded in July of 2009.  While current data is unavailable for the number of uninsured Americans, studies show the rate has significantly increased over the last four years.  In March 2009, estimates pinpointed that over the last two years 33% of Americans younger than 65 have gone without health insurance for part or all of that time.   With an exuberant number of uninsured, everyone (the insured, underinsured, and uninsured) all face rising health care costs.   The journal Health Affairs published that the per capita health care costs in the US equaled $7,900 in 2008.  This figure is more than double the amount spent by any other country.

American Support for Reform

American Support for Reform

The Obama Administration, together with the 111th US Congress aim to propose Health Care Reform that reverses the devastating tides that have predominated the past decade.  The American people must support current Health Care Reform as an initial step to assuring that all Americans have affordable and stable access to health care.  As the President and The Congress proceed with reform, they must remain focused on the fundamentals.  First, Health Insurers must not be allowed to cancel or decline coverage due to preexisting conditions.  Second, small businesses must be rewarded for offering health care coverage through a tax credit program.  Third, the patient and doctor must be allowed to determine what care is needed and insurance companies should not be able to block necessary treatment based on potential costs.  Fourth, a national health care program must be allowed to complete with private insurance providers in an effort to lower insurance premiums and close the growing gap of uninsured.  These four points must be ironed out and formulated in a powerful and effective health care bill that the American people can support.


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2 Responses to “Health Care Reform must move forward”

  1. fche626 Says:

    Of course it must move forward. It’s absurd that this debate is still going on! :S

  2. bellis1 Says:

    Watching from across the pond, the American debate has had an interesting side effect here. It was a curiosity until our National Health Service (NHS) was insulted, but then became a matter of national pride.

    The anti-NHS propaganda has entirely rallied the British public around the NHS. And given that we have an election next year, I think it may fundamentally have changed the terms of reference for the way the NHS policy debate is handled. First – Daniel Hannan (the Euro MEP who keeps blurting out) – although completely mad, is a Conservative, so they’re having to overcompensate by verbally hugging the NHS.

    Second, whenever *anyone* says *anything* good about the NHS just now on discussion shows with audiences they’re getting huge applause. The NHS is a huge sacred cow, not to be insulted, certainly not by Americans where you have to PAY IF YOU GET ILL. I think only a very brave Conservative party would dare meddle too much with the NHS after watching the public mood this week.

    So, sorry it’s not going so well for you guys, but thanks for helping shore up support for our system back here!!!

    Here’s some fairly typical comment, if you’re interested:

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