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An Advocacy Channel

December 12, 2008

Focus on health behavior change can sometimes ignore what is often referred to as the “enabling environment.”  It is difficult for community and family members to change to healthier behaviors unless policy makers endorse and fund programs and unless program managers actually implement the policies.

A main module in the course Social and Behavioral Foundations of Primary Health Care at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health focuses on the changes in behavior needed by policy makers and program managers that will enable community members to adopt healthful habits.  During the course students will post blog entries on current health issues as an advocacy tool, thus achieving the following learning objectives:

  1. Identify key stakeholders who may have interests in a state, regional, national, or international specified health policy
  2. Draft and post an advocacy blog entry aimed at key stakeholders to encourage support for the specified health policy

Feedback and participation in this process is welcome.